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night market

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first of all, thanks for creating this website, I was unaware of most of those information given! 🤩 

I traded or gambled 🤨 CFD with Fineco for a couple of months and thanks god I quit in time, losing about 4000 euros.

The Fineco CFD for WTI are off at night time, "because market is closed" in according to Fineco 😤 , but WTI market closes only from 11pm to midnight. If WTI market makes a big jump at night time when Fineco CFD is closed, your SL is skipped and you can wake up in the morning with an huge loss.

Definitively Fineco is not a good platform for CFD!!!

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with all those much better platforms out there, how could you put your money in Fineco? Because they are a bank, it doesn't mean they do things better that the other brokers... rather otherwise