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[Solved] Notifications, disclaimer, and more

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  • The forum has been made in a way to be clear and tidy, in order to help traders and investors.
  • If you want to receive updates on the latest stocks, you have to register to the forum. It is free and it will be always for free. Once registered, go to "Latest Stocks to Trade" topic and click on "Subscribe for new topics". You will receive a confirmation email, click on the email link, then you will get a notification as soon as a new topic is published.
  • If you want to receive notifications about every post, including replies, once you are registered, please go to the tab "My Profile", then secondary tab "Subscriptions", select "Topics and posts" in "Latest Stocks to Trade" item. Do not modify anything else. Please the button "Update Subscriptions".
  • Entry values (pending values) or target values (TP, Take Profit) are given in according to TA theories. It's up to the trader to calculate the spread (that's depends on the broker) and eventually to add a little range on given value in order to make sure the order gets through. 
  • I cannot ensure that you will win if you follow my suggestions. You are fully responsible for your actions. If you follow me and things don't go to the right way, well, we are at least in 2 people who lost money. Thank me and never blame me.
  • If you win, please let me know your thankfulness by donating a tiny part of your win. Love is sharing knowledge and victories.
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