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what brokers now?

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I am quite disgusted by Robinhood and Interactive Brokers, and any other broker platform that has either blocked or limited the buy orders for our targeted stocks.

This bending over for the powerful bad guy is unspeakable, it summarizes all the finance world. The excuses they took are just ridiculous.
Our small retailer community (WSB and not only) is growing and potentially limitless, we will show them that things now are different.

First of all, by blocking and then limiting the buy orders, they have manipulated the market in favour of hedge funds. Those broker platforms have manipulated the market! The market has own institutions to control the market itself. The broker platforms are businesses, they are not institutions. Market manipulation is a federal crime!
Why hasn't nobody legally sued them yet? are they protected by those hedge funds?
Isn't possible in the USA to collect signatures to present to the parliament for creating a more free market?

I admit, I am trading with IB, but I swear, when all my present positions will be closed, I will move to another broker.

Please use this thread to suggest good brokers that hasn't limited the buy orders

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IB sent me a notification that they do not limit operations on those funds... I tried to cancel my selling order for AMC (I had a target price, I wanted to remove it) and IB platform doesn't allow me 🤬

These motherfuckers assess lickers don't deserve us.

We must leave them and let them going to bankrupt!