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anti-diversification: do not buy too many companies!

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I suggested on WSB (probably it wasn't noticed) to focus only on a few companies first, get our targets for those companies and then move to the other companies. 

Traditionally, when it comes market trading, diversification is generally a good thing: buy many company to reduce your risks. 

In contrary, diversification it's not good for our purpose: to kick hedge funds' asses!

Less companies we buy at the same time on and higher orders we can make, resulting in achieving our goals faster.

If I have $ 10K and I use them to buy 20 companies, I buy $ 500 per companies; while if I focus on 2 companies only, I buy $ 5K per company.
If everybody follows this methodology, we will kick asses faster for a few companies, we reach the target sooner; those $ 10K become $ 50K and then we can focus on other companies.

With too much diversification, we risk even to lose!!!

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